Yin C.Tea


Yin C. Tea, OD received a Bachelor Degree in Chemistry from UCLA in 1995 and a Doctorate of Optometry from Southern California College of Optometry in 1999. She completed a residency in Binocular Vision and Vision Therapy from the State University of New York College of Optometry in 2000. She is currently a full-time faculty member at Nova Southeastern University College of Optometry, where she is an Associate Professor and Chief of the Pediatric and Binocular Vision Service. She teaches as the instructor of record for the Strabismus and Amblyopia Diagnosis and Treatment course.

Dr. Tea is a fellow of the American Academy of Optometry and member of College of Optometrists in Vision Development, American Optometric Association, and Florida Optometric Association. She has presented lectures, posters and/or continuing education for all of those organizations. She provides additional local, national and international continuing education on topics such as pediatric vision, strabismus & amblyopia, binocular vision and vision therapy.

Dr. Tea is NSU’s Principal Site Investigator for the multi-centered NEI-funded Pediatric Eye Disease Investigator Group and has researched numerous pediatric and binocular vision topics such as amblyopia and convergence insufficiency. She has published several refereed journal articles and posters on pediatric and binocular vision topics and co-authored a textbook chapter titled Strabismus and Amblyopia Treatment and Diagnosis in the book Vision and the Patient with Special Needs: Diagnosis and Management.